ZERORAY - is a creative bureau focused on multimedia art projects. We create physical, generative, and digital art (3D/VR/AR). We believe that statements and stories should not be limited by one language and standard framework. In our projects, we aim to integrate an open-minded audience into the digital space.
 Collaboration with SHOLOTCH
#CGI #Cinematic
Проект для онлайн кинотеатра Premier
#3D #Photo
The dance of the pink
#CGI #Car
#CGI #3D
Digital avatar Aris
#CGI #Avatar
Audio-visual perfomance #Mapping #Lightshow #Offline
Matisse&Sadko in Los-Angeles
Collaboration with world Dj's Matisse&Sadko for their performance in Los Angeles, USA.

#CGI #3dArt #Rave
"Do You WATCH?"
#ART #3D
Heart in war
Mercedes EQT
#CGI #DigitalArt
"Flood of antiquity"
#CGI #digitalart
#Modeling #CGI
We Are Cute
  • Elgisser Petr
    Founder & Art Director
    I specialise in digital avatars, scene building and storytelling in 3D and other media. Came to multimedia from photography and has over 12 years of shooting for top brands under his belt.
  • Slavin Alexander
    Customer Support
    Came to multimedia from video and film making, where over 13 years he has developed his vision and expertise in shooting, video editing and affter effect. Most immersed in modelling, animation and visual effects In 3D

We create 3D visualization, from idea to final product.
3D Animation
Study the mechanics of interaction of objects within the scene.
Digital Avatar
Creating a digital avatar. Working with dynamic and static scenes of a digital avatar. Creating an animation of the character's clothes.
Generative graphics
Create generated live interactive graphics, videos, and still images.
Projection mapping
Development of the mapping screenplay. Adapt and create content to the required format.
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